I am an artist, a dancer, a choreographer, a designer, a filmmaker, and a storyteller. I am primarily a creator of movement but I traverse modalities and mediums that vary and most often support dance. I believe that art presents itself through the process leading me toward multidisciplinary exploration. For me, making art is a necessity, a drive, and a livelihood. My words express themselves in gesture and shape as they integrate with the ideas that pool in my mind. I paint the space with my choices, allowing ideas to emerge and dissipate with each new project.

All of my creative work is focused on blurring the edges of many creative disciplines and academic fields. Throughout my time as an artist, I have become adept in communicating with artists of other disciplines forging ongoing collaborations with them. My work has gained a reputation of collaboration. I thrive on Creativity. Innovation. Collaboration.

As a choreographer, I find that my work lends itself to a dance theater discipline with looping athleticism and releasing qualities. Looking at my work and my values over the decades, I have begun to clearly see my lineage as an artist. In my work I find the intense emotion of Expressionism, the egalitarian processes and pedestrian sensibilities of Postmodernism, and the integration of image and symbolic gesture of Tanztheater. My interests and expertise in somatic modalities naturally weave into in process and product of my work.

I take my role as Dancer-Citizen/Artist-Citizen quite seriously. I look to integrate my livelihood as an artist and my life as activist. I do this in various ways; exploring socio-political art making, investigating somatics and social justice, and spearheading socially-engaged art projects that cross boundaries. As I embody the role of creator and facilitator, I find ways to leave the legacy of creative change in the community, although it is difficult. After all, dance is an ephemeral and disappearing art. It is in the process, the human connection, the story telling and the facilitation that I make an impact.

With each new process, I look to find new methods of transforming abstract, theoretical research into experiential, visceral performances. I chase new tools for approaching complex work in the creative process. I use movement as metaphor integrated with visual symbology embedded in gesture to address socio-political themes in my work. Sometimes, the art speaks more loudly than any discussion could.

I strive to balance my time between visually stunning, interdisciplinary works and those more simplistically poignant, lending themselves to community engaged projects. My work is seen in the proscenium, in galleries, on screen and in the streets. I love the theatrical design infrastructure of the theater but I question: Who has access to art? How does privilege play a role in art? Who dances? Who can make dance? Which stories can I tell? I span the spectrum of answers to those questions, moving in and out of theatrical performance emphasizing artistry, and community engaged dance-making, in which asset building and creative place-making become essential.

I believe that part of being a successful artist and creator is being an astute observer of the world, a listener of stories, and a facilitator of the creative process. I translate that which I see into kinesthetic creations. I believe that there is room for all artists in different capacities. I believe that dance-making is a skill that can be crafted and coached. I also believe in the rigor and savvy that is vital to the aliveness of dance.